Nicolle Howard

Script Reader

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with stories and motion pictures.  If I don’t have a book in my hand, I listen to the tales of family members and friends. Some of my favorite films include action, adventure, and thrillers.

I believe everyone has a story that needs telling.  My tale has taken several twists and turns to get where I am at today.  As a discouraged journalism major, I dropped out of college to help care for my father as he battled pancreatic cancer.  I trained as a bookkeeper when my three young children started school.

Then one day, I found myself unemployed.  As I thought about my life and what journey I wanted to take next, I heard of Hollywood Gatekeepers.  I borrowed money from a family member to pay for the class, and diligently worked my way through the program.

As a graduate of the Hollywood Gatekeepers program, I have received complete training in screenplay analysis and promise to abide by the Screenreader’s Creed.

What I do
  • Story Analysis
  • Coverage Reports
  • Passionate about Reading